At Everglades Physical Therapy, we believe in quality care and the right of each patient to receive such care. We only perform one-on-one personalized treatments. We know how debilitating an injury or chronic pain can be. We offer only highly-skilled quality one-on-one physical therapy treatment. In our over 10 years of personalized experience, this is the only way to eliminate pain fast. Our main priority is your return you to your life and normal activity level.

Dr. Nicholas Concepcion
Dr. Nicholas ConcepcionDoctor of Physical Therapy
Dr. Nicholas Concepcion received his doctor of physical therapy degree from the University of Miami in 2010. Since graduating, Dr. Concepcion has continued to improve his knowledge and skillset for the optimal treatment of athletes and patients of all ages. Before establishing Everglades Physical Therapy, Concepcion practiced as a clinician for an orthopedic based outpatient clinic in Pinecrest, FL, and as Clinic Director grew the location as a formidable orthopedic clinic in South Miami.

Dr. Concepcion has experience treating patients of various diagnoses and ages with effective, acute techniques due to his policy of continued education with advanced treatment techniques. By utilizing a comprehensive manual therapy approach and patient-specific therapeutic exercise interventions, his patients have recovered quicker and stay pain-free.

A South Florida native, Dr. Concepcion, understands the needs and wants of the local community. He understands that his patients deserve and require one-on-one service to return to a pain-free life as quickly as possible.

Dr. Concepcion truly believes personalized medicine is the only approach to treating his patients. Everglades Physical Therapy manages its clientele to ensure a first name basis approach to treating your situation.